Café Ha(a)ïtza | Pyla, France

by Friday, August 14, 2015

From the same team as La Co(o)rniche, Café Ha(a)ïtza has opened recently close to the Pyla Dune, in South West of France. For those who have never been, Le Pyla is a paradise located south of Bordeaux – one of my favorites places in France.

The structure of the building was kept but modernized by the duo William Téchoueyres + Philippe Starck. The design and deco are representative of Starck’s style – wood, tiles, steel. The terrace is lovely in the summer. This restaurant has a familial atmosphere, perfect ambiance for a chilled dinner after a nice day at the beach. The dishes are simple but very tasty with fresh and locally sourced ingredients.

Haitza  Haitza2

Haitza3  Haitza12


Haitza4  Haitza8

Haitza6  Haitza9

Haitza7  Haitza10

The choux au chocolat are a bomb – same for the meringue with raspberries. It’s impossible not to like it and highly recommended in case you are there this summer!

After the beach | Dinner | Simple + Trendy | Couple & friends | Reservations

312 boulevard de l’Océan | Pyla, France | +33556540222

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