A long weekend on the Amalfi Coast

by Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Last weekend was girls weekend in Italy, with my mum and sisters. And what a wonderful weekend!!

I definitely recommend this trip full of great memories. Amazing small villages hanging on the Amalfi Coast cliffs, great fresh food (maybe the best Italy can offer), welcoming and cosy hotels and warm and sunny weather (we had 20 degrees in November…). We spent 4 days there which was enough to visit lots of villages and places, but we could have stayed forever…

Check out the MAP to locate all my tips!

Here is a list of all my tips which is detailed below:


Sorbillo, Napoli, Via dei Tribunali, 32: pizza

Da Michele, Napoli, Via Cesare Sersale, 1-3 :pizza

Mattozzi, Napoli, Via Filangieri Gaetano, 16: pizza

La Schialuppa, on the Naples harbor: great seafood and atmosphere

Gran Caffe Gambrinus, Piazza Trieste e Trento, one of the most famous caffees of Naples

Chez Black, Positano, on the port: simple and great food: pizza, mozzarella, seafood pasta, fish

Zi’ntonio, Sorrento, on Marina Grande: simple and fresh, seafood

Le 5 Sorelle, Sorrento, on Marina Grande: very simple but great food

Miracapri, Massa Lubrense, trattoria: great food, very welcoming

Relais Blu, Massa Lubrense: chic and elaborated food, very romantic, amazing view on Capri


Palazzo Carracciollo, M Gallery, Napoli

Villa Franca, Positano

Relais Blu, Massa Lubrense

La minervetta, Sorrento – unfortunately we were unable to book 2 rooms in this amazing hotel. I strongly recommend it for a romantic stay in Sorrento.

Stop 1: Naples

We stayed at the Palazzo Carracciollo located in the center of Napoli. The rooms were nice and spacious. The hotel has a big quiet patio where you can have a rest, a drink or even breakfast. The hotel was very helpful in giving tips of restaurants, shopping etc.

Naples Palazzo

For lunch, we stopped at Piazza Bellini where we had lunch in a random place which I wouldn’t recommend…

We then went for a tour on the harbor of Napoli. The gulf of Napoli is one of the biggest in Europe and therefore quite impressive. We can see the Vesuvio and the islands of Ischia and Procida from there. The architecture of the city is very typical there. We then stopped (again) at the traditional Gran Caffe Gambrinus, close to the harbor of Napoli. We had wonderful caffees (caffee latte, caffee freddo con panna – wheapcream) ice creams and tiramisu. They also have any kinds of pastries and panini. The terrace of Caffee Gambrinus is nicely located on the Piazza Trieste e Trento. After having recharged our batteries, we went for some shopping on Via Chiaia, around the corner of Caffee Gambrinus. We also went to Via Toledo, which is one of the streets from the square.

Gambrinus (2)   Gambrinus 3


And after a tiring afternoon of walking and shopping, we went back to the hotel.

For dinner we went to La Schialuppa in the Borgo Marinaro. We had a fantastic dinner and shared antipasti with mozzarella, pasta alla Schialuppa and pizza, on the port. A definitely recommend this restaurant, we had a fantastic time.

La Schialuppa

Unfortunately we couldn’t go to Sorbillo, the famous pizzeria of Napoli, but it has been recommended to me many times.

Stop 2: Pompeii

Of course Pompeii is a must. It is only 20 km from Naples and easily reachable. The ancient ruins of Pompeii have been kept in a stunning state “thanks” to the ash and lava which covered it after the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 70 AD.  It is said by researchers that the town of Pompeii was initially built in the 7th century before BC.

We actually couldn’t visit the Museum but I definitely recommend it.

Step 3: Positano

After 1 hour drive and many many turns in the coastal roads from Pompei to Positano, we arrive at Villa Franca. A somptuous hotel on the cliff, with a fantastic view on the ocean. The views from the terrace and the rooftop are amazing. We had a delicious time at the swimming pool.

The personnel of the hotel is very welcoming and gives great indications and tips. The breakfast was delicious, served in one of the rooms of the hotel overlooking the sea.

The décor of the hotel is very refined and mixes different kinds of decoration, always with good taste.

Positano3  Positano

Positano2  Positano4


Positano was definitely our favorite. The village is full of charm. We wandered in the little paved streets of Positano, going up and down, admiring the little traditional shops and houses. We went there for dinner and ended up at the harbor where there are 5 restaurants to choose from. We had dinner at Chez Black, but all of them looked good. We again tasted the mozzarella and had seafood pasta, sepia ink pasta and napolitan lasagna which were delicious. I also recommend the cocktails which are really nice.

Stop 4: Amalfi – Ravello

After Positano, we went to Amalfi and Ravello during the day, hitting the curvy road and contemplating the fabulous landscape. We stopped for lunch at the harbour of Amalfi and randomly picked a place to have a caprese and panino.

We then went to Ravello where we visited the village. Ravello is not on the sea but has great views on the hills and sea.

Stop 5: Massa Lubrense / Sorrento

Our last stop was Massa Lubrense where we went to the most amazing hotel, the Relais Blu. It is located on top of the sea, with a fantastic view on Capri and Ischia and other islands. The hotel only has 11 rooms all with a terrace and view.  The restaurant is very refined and serves elaborated food. The products are very fresh and it was absolutely delicious. It is a good contrast to the simple food you find in simple trattorias – and I don’t mean that in a bad way….

I am not posting too many pictures cause I don’t want to spoil it for you… Just this one which should arouse your curiosity…

Sorrento (2)

After a good night of sleep, we went to visit Sorrento which pretty much ended up in a shopping session…

For lunch , we stopped at the harbor, at Le 5 Sorrelle (The five sisters), which serves local products in a very simple manner.


Unfortunately, we couldn’t stop at La Minervetta for a drink but I definitely recommend it. Check the website and you’ll see what I mean… This place looks like paradise.

And that was the end of the wonderful weekend…

Last tip, when you are at the airport to take your flight back, when you are already feeling depressed, go to the Obika  (mozzarella bar) in the airport (after security), and it will make your journey last a little longer…

Thanks Mum for this great weekend!!

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