La Fromagerie | London

by Tuesday, December 2, 2014

For those who like cheese, La Fromagerie will probably become your favorite place. But if you’re not the biggest cheese fan, no worries because the menu is full of other tasty dishes. We went there last weekend for apero and choose the Italian cheese plate with a glass of red wine.


fromagerie3  fromagerie5


La Fromagerie not only is a restaurant, it also has a small shop with fresh vegetables and diaries produced by farmers and… a cheese room! The cheese room is what you see from the outside, a small room, full of stalls and piles of cheeses coming from different regions (mainly UK, France and Italy).

The menu is mouth-watering. Stronly advised by Eat-Trotter!
Better to go in petit comité because there are only a few tables 😉

Say cheese! | Marylebone | Couple & friends | Breakfast & Lunch & Brunch & Apero | No reservations

2-6 Moxon Street | London W1U 4EW | +44 20 7935 0341

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