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by Thursday, October 9, 2014

As I was in Paris last weekend and it was still summer, I booked a table at Monsieur Bleu for a nice lunch with my girl friends on their pleasant terrace looking at the Eiffel Tower. Wonderful…

Mr Bleu 4  Mr Bleu

The terrace is great for summer but you will also feel great inside where the deco | by Joseph Dirand | is just stunning!

Mr Bleu 14  Mr Bleu 16

The menu is simple and the food really tasteful. Top top top! We just loved it!

Mr Bleu 5  Mr Bleu 6  Mr Bleu 7

MR Bleu 8  Mr Bleu 9  Mr Bleu 11

Mr Bleu 12  Mr Bleu 13


This restaurant is not cheap – approx 40 to 60€ per person with wine.

Eiffel Tower | French bistro | Bistronomy | Stylish | See and be seen | Terrace | Deco | Reservations

20 Avenue de New York | 75116 Paris | +33 1 47 20 90 47


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