Mimi Thorisson

by Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Who does not want to be Mimi Thorisson?

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Mimi is half Chinese, half French. She grew up in Hong Kong, lived in Paris and now settled with her family in Médoc, in South West of France. She enjoys the French countryside and the simple way of life with her Islandic husband, their four kids and their pack of dogs.

Mimi shares her life with beautiful pictures (taken by her husband) and her recipes. Indeed, Mimi’s favorite thing is to cook and eat. Her blog, MANGER, is a pleasure for the eyes. You should have a look and see for yourself.

She depicts her life as well as the joys of leaving in the countryside. Médoc is a wonderful region in France where the food and wine are of great importance, where the products are beautiful and the landscapes so diverse and breath taking…

The lifestyle pictured in her blog evokes the art de vivre bon vivant à la française. And as she says: “Un repas convivial, c’est une grande table, beaucoup de famille et d’amis, de fleurs, de légumes de saison, de bougies, du bon vin et du bon pain!” What a great summary of how life should be… Mimi and I share the same philosophy: Sharing is Caring.

The setting of her blog shows that deco has a great importance as well. Objects are carefully selected in adhesion with the region, the time, the traditions; always with simplicity and great taste.

If you like poesy and romantism, MANGER will take somewhere else, some place where time seems to have stopped…

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