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by Monday, June 30, 2014

Razzia is the new place to go in Seefeld. With its surprising decor and delicate food, Razzia will enchant you!

Razzia  Razzia 3

The menu is delicate with an original mix of ingredients and tastes – the Black Cod, the Tuna Tartar and the Cabillaud are just delicious. A great selection of dishes, with fresh and tasty ingredients, a large selection of great wines with opened cellar in the restaurant, an original setting… The perfect place for a dinner with friends.

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The chef usually makes a round of tables at the end of the service to get feedbacks from the customers.

Razzia was built in the 20’s as the first cinema of Zürich, was then used as a pop-venue for cultural events until it closed 3 years ago for renovation and turned into the fine restaurant which opened a few weeks ago. You can still enjoy the cinema decor and scene: an original mix of panellings, decorative elements inspired by Greek myths, a giraffe standing in the high-ceiling space, some graffitis in the corridor and the toilets which are worth discovering…

Razzia 2

The prices are high – count between 60 and 90 CHF per person –  but it is definitely worth the experience!

Razzia also has a bar and a garden – which closes at 10pm – in which you can have a drink. I definitely suggest to make a reservation as the place is new and has encountered much success – I had to book 3 weeks in advance…

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Seefeldstrasse 82, 8008 Zürich, Switzerland +41 44 296 70 70


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