Angelina | Paris

by Wednesday, January 29, 2014

This famous parisian tearoom, famous for its mouth-watering hot chocolate, was created in 1903.

For over a century, the Angelina tearoom has established itself as a high point of Parisian gourmet pleasures, Angelina became a must-not-miss venue for the Parisian aristocracy. There, Proust, Coco Chanel and the greatest French fashion designers were to be found…

The 2 highlights of Angelina are the Montblanc and the hot chocolate.  Up to 600 Montblanc are sold every day at the tearoom, rue de Rivoli. The richness of the famous old-fashioned hot chocolate, together with its small pot of whipped cream, has always delighted young and old alike.




angelina  angelina4

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226 Rue de Rivoli | 75001 Paris, France | +33 1 42 60 82 00

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