Casa Ortega | Marseille

by Monday, December 23, 2013

Casa Ortega is a cosy B&B in Marseille, located just a few steps from the train station and from the Old port.

Casa Ortgea is named after Juan Ortega, one of the most famous castanets payer of the 50’s.

It combines the services of a hotel with the charm authentic B&Bs. The deco of the 5 rooms is very stylish with unique pieces of furniture from the 20th century. Prices vary from 77€ to 100€ depending on the standing of the room.

A very stylish & cosy place for a nice weekend in Marseille!


casa5  casa2

casa  casa1  

casa3  casa4  


46 Rue des Petites Maries | 13001 Marseille, France | +33 9 54 32 74 37

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