Da Felice a Testaccio | Rome

by Sunday, December 8, 2013

A great trattoria, probably one of the best in Rome! If you’re going to Rome for the weekend, you should definitely book a table Da Felice.

da felice2

Da Felice a Testaccio (meaning in the Testaccio area of Rome) probably serves the best Pasta cacio e pepe of Rome (traditional cheese and pepper pasts). The waiter will bring you the dish and perform a little “mixing-the-pasta” show, maybe this is why it is soooo good! La pasta all’amatriciana is also really good, and typical from Rome. And of course the fried artichoke…  As secondo, the Abbaccio al forno (rosted lamb) is one of their specialities, the fried fish is really good and the involtini are delicious.

da felice  da felice4

da felice3

And please, do not leave without having tried the Tiramisu, probably the best you’ll ever taste in your life!

da felice3


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Via Mastro Giorgio, 29 | 00153 Rome, Italy | +39 06 574 6800

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