Le Crabe-Marteau | Paris

by Friday, December 6, 2013


Le Crabe-Marteau is a Crab | Seafood restaurant in Paris. It is authentic and simple, serves fresh and delicious products from the sea, fished the previous night off the French coasts.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is great…

the menu is composed of crab and a few other seasonal products | with which you can choose your sauce | the tablecloth is actually local newpapers | your crab is served on a wooden board with a hammer | you will be given a bib | and eat with your fingers!

The chef is welcoming and will even show you how to open your crab with the hammer… You will definitely fall in love with Brittany.

crabe marteau  crabe marteau 2  crabe marteau 3

Crab & Seafood, couple & friends, brunch & lunch & dinner, reservations

16 Rue des Acacias | 75017 Paris, France | +33 1 44 09 85 59

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