by Friday, November 22, 2013

No need to be in summer for a gelato!! GROM is one the best gelaterie in the world. So trust me, eventhough winter is coming, if you pass by a GROM in one your travels, STOP and have a gelato

GROM sells high quality ice-creams made from seasonal fruits and organic products. GROM is dedicated to selecting the best raw materials and recently purchased a farm to produce their own fruits.

Their flavors change from season to season. But my favorites are definitely Frutti di Bosco (red fruits), Bacio (mix of Gianguja and Nocciola), Nocciola (hazelnuts) and Cioccolato (chocolate)… Each time I have the chance to eat one of their ice-creams, the selection is the most difficult part!


grom3  grom2


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Milano | Roma | Venezia | Firenze | Bologna | etc… Check out their website for more cities in Italy.

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