Obikà | Milan

by Sunday, October 20, 2013

A fantastic mozzarella bar serving fresh mozzarella di bufala and other insalate, prosciutti and salumi (salads, ham and salami).


Wonderful and diverse choice of mozzarelle di bufafa: trescia, affumiccata, stracciatella di burrata… to be served with salad, tomatoes, a choice of ham, you name it.

For lunch or dinner between 20 and 30 € depending on how greedy you are…

There are two restaurants in Milan, on in Duomo (on top of the Rinascente) and another one in Brera – trendy area of Milan.



Mozzarella | Bar | Trendy | Night & day | Reservation

Via Mercato, 28 | 20121 Milan, Italy | +39 02 8645 0568

Rinascente, Piazza del Duomo, 3 | 20121 Milan, Italy | +39 02 88521

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